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value required and display of validation messages

melinda_f Member Posts: 149 Bronze Badge
edited May 26, 2022 5:16PM in APEX Discussions

Currently on 19.2. We have an app that was originally created in 5.1 so the required field validations for some of the page items were manually created validations. When these validations fire the appear inline and in the notification.

As newer fields are added I have been taking advantage of just setting value required under validation to yes rather than manually building the validation. The issue is that even though at the app level error messages are set to display inline and notification, the page items that have value required set to yes are only displaying the validation messages inline with a message "Correct errors before saving" and not in the notification as well.

This has created and inconsistency and confusion for the users. Is there a way to force the error message to display both inline and notification for page items that are using value required = yes without having to manually create the validation?

Scott Wesley