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How to load data for newly added column in a dimension table?

I'm currently working on ODI 12C and attending interviews. I get the below question asked very often. can someone help me answer this?

How do you load history data for newly added column in a dimension table ?

One way is to simply write an update statement but is there a way to do this via ODI without having to truncate the target table? what's the ideal way to do this?



  • Selvam Muthiah-Oracle
    Selvam Muthiah-Oracle Member Posts: 26 Employee

    Main objective is to keep the Dimension ROW_WID is intact as its referenced in Fact table.

    Create a new dimension history table with the new column and load the full data,. Based on the integration_id update the dimension table from dimension history table. so the dimension key ROW_WID will not get changed.

    There will not be any fact data chaotic due to the dimension changes.