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What forum/category can address Oracle ERP questions?

ToolTimeTabor Member Posts: 279 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 6, 2022 4:29PM in SQL Developer

What I need is the schema containing AOP related projections and actuals?

My user community refers to "static" and "dynamic" AOP data, where static data is generally the forecasted estimate and dynamic are the actual values.

We are doing some logistics work that involves estimating costs. Specifically, there are some default "railcar" cost estimates built-into our Annual Operating Plan...somewhere.

So, someone loads up the "estimated cost per railcar" into the AOP static data for estimating purposes. Then, as actual invoices come in, someone updates the "actual cost per railcar" for a given transaction into the AOP dynamic data.

Here is a sample of how they use it. Straight forward, set the planned value and contrast it to the actual value for the month. The key is, somewhere, it is planned.