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OAS Webcat Catalog - Is there a way to have a Confirm Move popup box before object moves?

User_LSXJ1 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


There is a popup confirmation dialog box

'Confirm Delete' - Are you sure you want to delete the item '####' ?

Is there a way to have a similar confirmation for MOVES?

'Confirm Move' - Are you sure you want to move the item '####' ?

The reason being is that we have had a few occurrences where a user has accidently moved multiple catalog items which does massive damage to the integrity of the webcat. It would be great if a popup box was presented to warn them of impending moves to prevent accidental mistaken moves.

Please advise on if/how this is possible to setup?



  • Gianni Ceresa
    Gianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE Director Member Posts: 6,635 Blue Diamond


    Not really, moving objects is an "implicit" action by drag & dropping things in the catalog and not a button somebody has to press.

    There isn't a setting or something out of the box that you can enable for that.

    What you are asking would be a real custom piece of code, identifying the event handler managing the drag & drop and detaching it from elements or something along that line interfering with the coded behavior of the tool.

    You can "limit" the impact of these accidents (in the end it isn't a full accident as somebody did a drag & drop) by restricting permissions on your catalog folders: if the user can't create content in a folder he will not be able to move content there, and in theory if a user isn't allowed to delete something he also can't move it anywhere else (because it would be a delete from the original folder).

    By the way, this is a category intended for the livelab on OAS, for questions about the product itself in the future you should use the product categories: (if you have a valid MOS support contract)