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Customizing Error Messages/Error Code in ADF BC Rest Web Services

Roshan Suntharan
Roshan Suntharan Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi there,

We are looking for a way to customize error messages and codes in our ADF BC Rest webservices. Everything I've already looked at and been recommended shows implementing a custom error handler and setting it in DataBindings.cpx file and such. However, from all my research, it appears that this requires the uses of a UI to make this possible. Otherwise, this file is utterly useless. To be specific, we are using "ADF REST Web Application" projects, and not "ADF Fusion Web Application" - we are currently using both and weblogic (and JDeveloper) for our various clients.

Our application is purely webservice calls, no UI, and they typically get made from programs like Postman, ReadyAPI and such. Since most of our input validation, error checking, etc. is being done in our database (also an Oracle database), we want to be able to see what the error coming back is to adjust it and make it more user-friendly.

Also, as a result of weblogic move, it appears the error message(s) are muted when the web service response is a 500. As a result, any issues that arise in the database come back to the webservice but we are unable to tell where the error occurred off the bat - we have to go into our logs which is time wasted.

If anyone can suggest a way to create custom error messages, and possibly even change the response code without the use of ADF BC UIs, that would be great. Thanks for everything.

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