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ORDS 22.1.1 download page: given MD5 and SHA1 do not match with the downloaded file

Hi, i am wondering if i am the first and only person who realized that the given checksums on the ORDS download page do not match with the generated ones.

On the download page:

it is:

MD5: 80e7e5b2b6f3934cedbbd521a533cf04

SHA1: 48a77fe6825fafb92495010a140da63cf820bcc0

When i generate the checksum on a windows server 2019 with:

certutil -hashfile md5

it is:

MD5-Hash von 3faea3a29a97dd406f315856833b5e74

SHA1-Hash von 64553668b9c5db809d68fde0d104e4c81f7ed8bf

can anybody confirm that my finding is correct?

Best regards