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JDEV12.2.1.4 saved searches saved in are gone after upgrade to

User_H6Z6F Member Posts: 340 Bronze Badge

Users lost their saved search criterias from version when we migrated over the weekend to

Did any one face this issue? is there any thing we need to do to pull the old search in new environment?

Please help ...this is urgent..affecting PROD


  • dvohra21
    dvohra21 Member Posts: 14,573 Gold Crown

    How were the search criteria saved?

    You can save a search and reuse it. There are two ways of saving a search in order to reuse it:

    As a dynamic folder, where the contents of the folder are created dynamically based on the search criteria when the folder is opened.

    As a static folder containing the results of the search.

    Dynamic folders can also be created directly in a catalog.

    To save a search:

    In the Search Results panel of the Resources window, choose Save Search from the context menu.

    In the Save Search dialog, choose:

    Save Search Criteria, to create a dynamic folder.

    Save Search Results, to create a static folder of results.

    For more information at any time, press F1 or click Help from within the Resources window.

    Enter a name for the folder.

    Choose the catalog to contain the folder, either from the dropdown list, or from the hierarchical list displayed when you click Show Hierarchy.