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User_JCTZ9 Member Posts: 6 Green Ribbon


I terminated my instance. I have no other instances. I am on the free cloud account. Now I can't create another instance - the error I get is:

(400, LimitExceeded, false) You cannot create a volume because you have reached your limit. Upgrade to a paid account. (opc-request-id: dummyRequestId)

I should be able to create 1 instance...

Please advise.


  • User_JCTZ9
    User_JCTZ9 Member Posts: 6 Green Ribbon

    I've just chatted to support and terminated instances are apparently counted, so I can't create another instance. If that's the case, then this free account is of no use to me. I planned to use it for testing - in testing, you make mistakes, terminate and start again. I don't see the point - why count terminated instances?

    Anyway - apparently I can request for my account to be deleted here - so please go ahead and delete my now useless account. I don't need any data - everything can be deleted immediately.