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Apex 21.2.7 Custom filter based on text field and button Interactive Report

user13256058 Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon

Hello community,

I would like to ask you for a help with simple dynamic action. However I am struggling with that as an Apex newbie.

Source data: table SERVERY2 with columns JMENO, TYP, OS, LOKALITA, CPU, RAM

Interactive report was created from that table. Search bar was disabled intentionally.

My task is to create a simple filter based on two items - textfield and button. When part of JMENO column is written to text field and then submitted by Go button, Interactive report should show only these servers whose JMENO column contains entered string.

E.g. when text field contains KSJ1 and button is clicked, page should return Interactive report with servers KSJ14 and KSJ15 only.

I used action "Set Value" because I was able to enter SQL query with condition. Howerver my simple filter does not work. Nothing happens when the button is clicked.

Here are screenshots from my Page Builder with definition of dynamic action.

Would you please help me with described simple filter implementation?

I do not want to use regular Apex filter, because I need to filter just values in column JMENO.

Any help appreciated.