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Is it possible to dynamically edit the value of a Popup LOV column in an Interactive Grid?

BRB91 Member Posts: 46 Red Ribbon


I have an interactive grid with a "Name" column which is a Popup Lov with additional output of "Code" which updates a second column (called Code) when selected. The user can click on the Popup LOV and type to filter before selecting the product name they want then press enter or tab to set the value which also returns the product code into the "Code" column.

I am trying to also allow users to dynamically enter this value from a Tree region node on double click. I have the double-click link calling a javascript function which inserts a new record into the IG and sets the value of the "Name" column to the name of the product that was double-clicked in the tree.

The problem I have is that this value isn't submitted which isn't triggering the popup-lov's additional columns to fire and when I click on the cell it becomes null again?

When the value is passed to "Name" from the Tree node, there should never be an instance where there are multiple values to select from in the LOV.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the "Name" column in the IG to accept the value being passed to it?