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moving only datafile from non-asm to asm

User_E03DK Member Posts: 46 Green Ribbon


my oracle database 19c in oci. my control file and redo logs are placed in +reg disk group . only my datafiles are in /u01 mount.

now i want to move datafiles from /u01 to asm disk group +DATA.

Please let me know steps ,how to do it?

I think we need to do any rman restore and recovery or transportable tablespace.

Note: only few files are placed in /u01 mount point.

my database in omf(oracle managed files)

is it enough the below query.

if control file and redo are placed in +redo disk

ALTER DATABASE MOVE DATAFILE ‘/u01/app/oracle/oradata/PSTG/datafile/test.dbf’ TO ‘+DATA/data/datafile/test.dbf’;