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Interactive grid row selection persistence

Sajid131 Member Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

I need to keep selected rows as selected on all type of filtration either it is searching data , pagination or refreshing IG by another item.

e.g : I selected first 2 rows and then i use search bar to search one more record to select. Now there should be 3 rows selected but after removing filtration all selected rows are de-selected.

I need to keep rows selected with all type filtration.

For pagination persistence below code is working fine. How to keep for search filter also

function(config) {

  config.defaultGridViewOptions = {

persistSelection: true  }; 

 return config;



  • Niels IH
    Niels IH Member Posts: 76 Blue Ribbon

    Not possible.

    If the model refreshes for example when you filter, the selection is lost.

    I've had to build selection persistance for IG's during the session by storing the id's of the selected rows in session state and then setting the selection programmatically on load of the IG but it's a pita..