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Show Data throws "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Just installed the VS Code and Oracle extensions. Created connection and I'm able to use Oracle Explorer to see the objects. I can also open the content of function, procedures, packages, etc. However, when I select a table and try to us the "Show Data..." I'm getting the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error.

BTW, I'm connecting to local instance of Oracle 19c using Basic connection type.


  • That error suggests that you have a munged installation. Sometimes this happens when you close VS Code too quickly when installing.

    What OS and version are you using?

    What version of the .NET Runtime are you using?

    Finally, lets try to reinstall, except this time lets wait after each step to give it a chance to complete and open and close VS Code with each step:

    Uninstall the extension, wait 2 minutes, restart VS Code, wait 2 more minutes, reinstall of the extension, wait 2 minutes, and then restart vscode.

  • User_2R5DX
    User_2R5DX Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


    My case is similar but not the same.

    I have installed Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code (SQL and PLSQL)  v21.4.0 and it works OK on my user connection to the company's data warehouse.

    But, it doesn't fully works on with my Proxy user.

    With my Proxy user i can:

    ·      Use the oracle explorer until table field level

    ·      Execute SQL and PL scripts impacting de database

    But I can't

    ·      Show data from the explorer

    ·      Get a grid of data from a "select" sentence (as "select 1 from dual;")

    I always get:

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    This problem applies to all my colleagues, so I don't think it's caused by my personal installation procedure.


    Could you give us some tip to work on with our system infrastructure team, please?


  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,241 Employee
    edited Aug 31, 2022 7:17PM

    Yes. This is a bug with proxy users (my apologies to the original poster @Tomek ).

    This will be fixed in version 21.5 which should be coming out "soon".

  • This is fixed in version 21.5, available now.