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POP UP LOV with multiple columns

User_GP1QN Member Posts: 246 Blue Ribbon

Is it my imagination or do I HAVE to show the DISPLAY column as one of the additional columns in my LOV?

My display column is the piped string of 3 other columns.

In the pop-up selection, I prefer to show the values in 3 columns (not the concatenated string), but it seems that I have to include the concatenated string....

mt in NY

Best Answer

  • User_GP1QN
    User_GP1QN Member Posts: 246 Blue Ribbon
    Answer ✓

    OK - i figured this out, In the IG for the additional columns, go to single row view, edit, and I can set the DISPLAY COLUMN to not be visible. Meaning, it will be visible as the return display, but not one of the columns in the look up grid.