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Nuance Dragon assistive technology (Speech Recognition) - Issues with Oracle APEX Radio Buttons

User_D7RQV Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

I am investigating the use of Nuance Dragon with and Oracle APEX 21.2 Universal Theme application.

I am using the Dragon Web Extension for Chrome.

Using the "Click Radio Buttons" voice command doesn't seem to have the desired effect (no radio buttons are highlighted).

"Click X" where X is the label against the required radio button does also does not have desired effect - I can see the mouse pointer move to near the appropriate place but no selection is made.

I can use a "Tab" speech command to navigate to the appropriate radio button and a "Press Space" command to make the selection - but this is a little cumbersome.

Does anybody have any experience with Dragon and APEX - I'm not sure if changes could be made to Dragon configuration or to my APEX pages (CSS / Javascript?) to provide a more slick user experience.

Any help would be appreciated.