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SendRedirect Fails on Oracle HTTP Server 12c

User_5S8PO Member Posts: 3 Employee
edited Jul 5, 2022 7:51PM in Java Servlet

Hi All,

We have 2 war files deployed on standalone JVM in Weblogic and request is routed using ProxyPass module on Apache 2.4.33. 

Application 1 with context root (NAS) uses sendRedirect method in servlet to access module in Application 2 with context root(PTS) which is also deployed on the same weblogic JVM & port.

LoadBalancer -> Apache (Standalone) mod_proxy -> Weblogic (Standalone)

The application module is accessible & works fine when Apache HTTP server is used as proxy on Oracle Weblogic Server.

The same application module fails with Page not found error when Oracle HTTP Server is used as proxy server. (Application fails with mod_wl plugin & ProxyPass). Weblogic plugin is enabled on Weblogic. NAS is the application which uses sendRedirect method to call module in (PTS) war file deployed on same weblogic JVM & PORT.

LoadBalancer -> OHS (Standalone) mod_proxy -> Weblogic (Standalone)

LoadBalancer -> OHS (Standalone) mod_wl -> Weblogic (Standalone)

NAS application is accesible with Loadbalancer URL ( which is working fine when tested with both plugins. PTS module is clicked on NAS application page when the sendRedirect code is initiated and that request fails with page not found error with weblogic IP & port displayed on the client browser.

Appreciate any assistance or help on the issue.