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apex_page.get_url issue

RonMat Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi, Am running APEX 22.1.0 version. My issue is around create email links back into the application. My application was using normal URL's but I changed to friendly URL. this is when the problem started.

Because the size of the procedure code I had to make a procedure and call from APEX. I also need to run the same procedure from a JOB process.

Previously I was using LINK_ID := apex.mail.get_instance_url || apex_page.get_url(xxxxxxxx);

and this work perfectly. But once I moved to friendly URL. Via APEX page call to the proc from APEX works as expected. But running the same proc via a job process the i get

Is this an Oracle bug or can there be an issue with the APEX hosting that caused this issue?



  • InoL
    InoL Member Posts: 10,179 Blue Diamond

    I have noticed this too on (although with a slightly different outcome). To get the full URL, use

    APEX_UTIL.HOST_URL()||APEX_PAGE.GET_URL(p_application => 'MYAPP', p_page => 1);

  • RonMat
    RonMat Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Hi, Using APEX_UTIL.HOST_URL()||APEX_PAGE.GET_URL(p_application => 'MYAPP', p_page => 1); is fine within APEX.

    But it looks like APEX_PAGE.GET_URL provides the whole URL when run from a job process not just the apex/r/dev/application/page?sessionid

    As this provides the full link via a job process

    V_USER_LINK := apex_page.get_url(p_application => V_APP_ID ,p_page => 30, p_items => 'P30_BADGE_NO',p_values => member_id);

    But I have to use the following via APEX

    V_USER_LINK := ''||

    apex_page.get_url(p_page => 30, p_items => 'P30_BADGE_NO',p_values => member_id);

    I just not understand why?