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decimal separator issue on some columns

jjc972 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


Our external consultant develop with Microsoft Access a program to retrieve datas from an Oracle database. The datas are exporting into a .csv file.

The problem we are facing is, on Excel 2016 the amount (CA_TOT and CA01) are showing up with decimal separator but the weight (POIDS_NET and POIDS_BRUT) are not

Do you have any idea how I can fix this?


  • KayK
    KayK Member Posts: 1,739 Bronze Crown

    Hi L95,

    welcome to the commity.

    I think this is an issue in Excel not in the database.

    I expect that your 4 columns are defined as NUMBER(n) or NUMBER(n,p) in your table.

    If i create a simple test.csv with this content:


    But i get only 1 in the secound column



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  • jjc972
    jjc972 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Hi Kay,

    I don't think this is an Excel issue.

    From notepad the POIDS_NET and POIDS_BRUT values are integer. Any other idea?

    I have tried to change my display name with no success


  • KayK
    KayK Member Posts: 1,739 Bronze Crown

    My example csv shows 1,0 in the second column in UltraEdit. But opening it with Excel the comma and the 0 are gone. A csv has no formatting. And the standard number in Excel has no decimal digits.

    Have the columns POIDS_NET and POID_BRUT some content with decimal digits ? If they are real integers without decimal digits, then it works as expected. Then you have to change the format of Excel-column AG and AH.