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Migrating from v9.2.0 to v12.1.0

User_SDRVN Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 14, 2022 9:38AM in Oracle JET


Has someone tried to migrate application from version 9.2.0 to version 12.1.0? Have you found any other solution to change data bindings besides manual changing? And how about routing, considering that ojcore module has been deprecated and added other modules (ojcorerouter, ojknockoutrouteradapter ...)?



  • The only thing that would not work in the JET v12 world in regards to Knockout, would be the remove ojComponent custom Knockout binding.

    Knockout itself is still in JET v12, ojrouter, etc. are all still there.

    You are correct that they have been deprecated for some time now, and yes, it will take code changes to update to the latest recommended best practice. The JET Audit Framework will be the best help in identifying what is deprecated and what the recommended alternatives are.