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Oracle 21c XE setup rollback during installation

Installing Oracle 21c XE is encountering rollback after Config Oracle Software message during installation. I am installing it on Surface Book 2 with Windows 10 Pro.

Ironically my old Windows 7 machine, which was auto-updated to Windows 10 Pro allowed the installation with no issue. So I don't understand why installation in Surface Book is failing. I use XE for teaching and ask students also to download it. Given 21c XE problems, I will have to go back to 11g XE as students had problems installing 18c XE too. Don't understand why Oracle messed up the install process for XE!

Searching over the Internet on this issue, I have tried the following steps to no avail.

  1. Disabled Antimalware
  2. No TNS_ADMIN or any Oracle environment variables
  3. NetBios is enabled (Tried both as Default and Enabled choices)
  4. Ran setup.exe from C:\ drive.