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Interactive grid not displaying values in cascading LOVs in APEX 20.2

Kinjan Bhavsar
Kinjan Bhavsar Member Posts: 95 Blue Ribbon

Hi All,

I have an interactive grid and I have added two popup lov items in it named as process and sub-process.

Process lov item is allowed with multiple select options and based on this process LOV item, cascading is done on subprocess LOV item, everything works fine while adding the item, cascading works perfectly fine, it saves the data with colon separated perfectly, the only issue I am facing is after clicking on Save, the interactive grid refreshes and in that case, the sub-process item displays colon separated return values and not the display values.

I have created the same scenario with the Emp table on for deptno and emp_ids but it works fine in 22.1.

Here are the demo details for my application and development.

Login credentials :- demo/demo$1234


After login, click on the drop-down arrow in the tabs and click on the last Emp and it will show you an interactive grid with 2 columns

Here is the screenshot from my Live customer app from APEX 20.2

If it works in APEX 22.1, was this issue fixed after 20.2?