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Node JS - ORA-12650: No common encryption or data integrity algorithm

Cheslyn Dcruz
Cheslyn Dcruz Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon

Recently we are running into the following error when connecting to select instances 


[Error: ORA-12650: No common encryption or data integrity algorithm] {

 errorNum: 12650,

 offset: 0}

This could be linked to the SQLNET encrypting setting which is causing it. 

Based on what I have seen one suggested fix is to upgrade JDBC on the M/c running Node to 12.x+ 

However on our Non Prod instance the connectivity to the same DB goes through fine. 

Both instances have identical Node versions. 

Both Instances 

Node ver : 14.18.1 

Sqlnet.Ora on the server where Node is running 

$ cat sqlnet.ora

# sqlnet.ora Network Configuration File: /u01/orpppmp1/ppmapp/19.3/network/admin/sqlnet.ora

# Generated by Oracle configuration tools.


ADR_BASE = /u01/orpppmp1/ppmapp/19.3