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Autonomous database handle creating partitions based on time column and dropping older partitions

User_MN2SU Member Posts: 11 Employee

Needed some help/references on what needs to be done for adding partitions to a table based on the time column and dropping the old partitions in autonomous database. I was not able to find information to understand this. Thanks in advance.


  • BEDE
    BEDE Oracle Developer Member Posts: 2,475 Gold Trophy

    As far as I know, once a table is partitioned in a certain way it stays so and you can't change the way it is partitioned. It's like cutting a salami... To change that you should rename the table, then create a new table with that name and the needed partitioning. And then insert data into the new table.

    In Oracle 11 there was no way to partition a table that was not partitioned on creation. And I had to to what I said before. Since Oracle 12 there are facilities provided to partition a table that was not partitioned on creation. But as for changing the partitioning I never heard of.

    And if you have lots of data, then you really have a problem if that data has to be accessed by some application(s)...