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Is it possible to find a table in a set of FMBs without opening them individually?

gg Member Posts: 154 Bronze Badge

Hi All,

I am using both Oracle Forms version 11g and 12c.

Is it possible to find a table for e.g table1 used in the Oracle Forms application screens including LOV's without opening each FMB individually and searching in it.

Totally there are around 50-75 FMBs in the application.




  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 7,295 Employee

    You have at least three options of which I can imagine:

    1. Use the Forms JDAPI to create a small Java app that would perform the desired search through all your modules. This would require knowledge of Java programming. Details about using JDAPI can be found in the Builder Help.
    2. Use the Forms CAPI to do the same thing as mentioned above, but using C rather than Java. This obviously would require a knowledge in C coding. Again, details can be found in the Builder Help.
    3. Convert the modules to XML. This would make them mostly human readable thereby allowing you to use basic or more powerful search tools. For example "grep", "fgrep", or "egrep" on Linux/Unix. For Windows, you can use the built-in Windows search engine or on the command line "find". There are also many open source tools that can be downloaded.

    Of course in all cases, you would need to know what you're looking for. In cases where the calls to tables are part of DML statements, you won't be able to simply say "find me all the tables" if you don't know there names. I suppose you could extract entire strings of DML then parse them looking for the "FROM <some table>" statements.

    Michael Ferrante

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