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XMLTYPE column question

Kevin_K Member Posts: 390 Bronze Badge

XML Gurus: Is it possible to save 2 XML documents in table on the same column , the difference

1) Row 1 is xml schema validated based off xsd

2) Row 1 is non xml schema validated ( non structured)




  • Jason_(A_Non)
    Jason_(A_Non) Member Posts: 2,106 Silver Trophy

    Without knowing additional details, a possible answer is "yes". You can have an XMLType column within a table and that column simply stores XML. Outside of the table (i.e. in processing logic) you can validate the XML and store it into the table in one row and in another row you can store a different XML that has never been validated. If when you define the column it was associated to an XSD, then as I recall the only XML you can put into that column is XML that validates to the XSD. It's been a while since I looked into the aspect of Oracle as the systems I work with consume XML of many different formats.