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The "Model" tag is not shown in Oracle SQL developer toolba

User_ULX4X Member Posts: 20 Green Ribbon
edited Aug 2, 2022 8:09AM in SQL Developer

As you see in my jpg , this is the screen shot of

Oracle SQL developer toolbar , it do not have "Model" tag , how to add this tag to the toolbar ?

I find the "Model" tag in Oracle SQL developer toolbar , but my tool do not have it .

Besides , as you can see in the youtube link , there is a function called "Data Modeler" under "View" , but my Oracle SQL developer do not have it , how can I use this function ?



  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 42,110 Red Diamond

    *Moderator Note: Question moved to SQL Developer forum as it has nothing to do with SQL or PL/SQL coding. Please ensure you choose the most appropriate forum for your question in future.

  • user9540031
    user9540031 Member Posts: 222 Gold Badge


    Please help others help you by providing all the relevant details along with the question, not in attachments or links.

    For security reasons, most readers won't open any attachment, and you shouldn't expect them to bother with YouTube either. Besides, this Forums allows to include pictures by drag-and-drop, or even copy-paste, so attaching files is generally unnecessary.

    Other things that you didn't mention include: SQL Developer version, Operating System, JDK version, etc.

    That said, do you have the Data Modeler feature enabled to begin with? Please use the Tools -> Features menu to check.

    As regards using it, please see the following blog post:

    Further, you might want to bookmark or download the full documentation from this link at

    Hope this helps...


  • User_ULX4X
    User_ULX4X Member Posts: 20 Green Ribbon

    thanks your reply,

    I use on windows 2016

    but I not found the Tools -> Features menu

  • user9540031
    user9540031 Member Posts: 222 Gold Badge

    I use on windows 2016

    Oh, it's You? According to usage statistics, as of this writing there should be exactly 1 person on Earth still using that decade-old release... 😉

    On 3.20, Features selection was in the Tools -> Preferences... menu.

    Meanwhile, you might consider trying SQL Developer 21.4.3—or 22.2.1, when it's available.