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File browse - granularity of maximum file size

Scott Wesley
Scott Wesley Systems Consultant & TrainerPerth, AustraliaMember Posts: 6,272 Gold Crown


If I set a limit on the maximum file size property of a file browse item to 1900000/1024, this translates to a property of


There are numerous sizes reports for a particular file in windows, but this appears to validate my file size base on the 'Size' value when viewing file properties

1899008/1024 is 1854 and succeeds.

1902080/1024 is 1857 and fails.

However, the client side validation message the appears on the page rounds to 2mb, with a message of:

File is too large. Maximum file size is 2 MB.

In our view this is significantly different to apparent size the user sees for the file.

Is there any way to give this message more granularity?

I suspect no, since this comes from displayFileSize() JS function in widget.fileBrowser.js, which would even round 1550 to 2mb.

This is in APEX 20.2



  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Systems Consultant & Trainer Perth, AustraliaMember Posts: 6,272 Gold Crown

    A workaround is to modify the message after it's displayed.

    Create a DA on change of the file browser item, then run this JavaScript

    if ($('#P5_FILE_error').text().substr(0,18) == 'File is too large.')

    Where the msg item is pre-calculated to display what I want

    I used the same mechanism to tidy the display of a File Types violation.