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Way to upgrade "Oracle SQL developer"

User_ULX4X Member Posts: 26 Green Ribbon
edited Aug 4, 2022 4:46AM in SQL Developer

I use old version of "Oracle SQL developer" , want to upgrade it to the latest version .

If I want to keep all settings unchanged , please advise what is the best way to do that ?



  • User_2DKLA
    User_2DKLA Member Posts: 47 Blue Ribbon
    edited Aug 4, 2022 9:24AM


    You don't really "upgrade" SQL Developer. You just download and unzip the new version (in a separate directory), and then run it. When started for the first time, expectedly it will find settings from previous versions (from%APPDATA%\SQL Developer, assuming you're using Windows), and ask if it should import these into the new version.

    So you may simply go through the following steps:

    1/ Download the zip bundle of the target version from the download site (link).

    Remark: there's a "previous version" link on that page in case you'd want a specific version.

    2/ Unzip it, in its own, separate directory.

    Note: don't put it under C:\Program Files, and avoid blanks in the path (*) if possible.

    E.g. C:\Products\Oracle\SQL_Dev\sqldeveloper-version_number will be just fine.

    (*) Arguably this is superstition from the old days, when Java programs developed by Unix-minded people did not handle blanks in the path gracefully, but you never know.

    3/ Locate the sqldeveloper.exe binary from the installation directory; pin it to the Start Menu. Run it.

    At this stage, SQL Developer should start, detect settings from earlier versions, and ask from which one (if any) settings should be imported.

    4/ From the Tools -> Features... menu, deselect features which you're not going to use going further. This makes starting SQL Developer a little bit faster because it has fewer extensions to load.

    5/ From the Tools -> Preferences... menu, take the time to review the preferences and adjust them to your needs. As you'll be jumping from 3.20 directly to 21.4 or 22.2, this should be a good time to check that your settings have been correctly imported, and make changes if necessary.


    L. Fernigrini