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After upgrade to 22.1

user13413951 Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon
edited Aug 4, 2022 7:02PM in APEX Discussions

Previous to 22.1, I have date columns in report which had format mask set to an item.

So the format might be &P1_DATE_FORMAT. P1_DATE_FORMAT could be set to MM/DD/YYYY or DD-MON-YYYY...whatever it might be, it functioned properly.

In version through 20.1 this would render and export CSV without issue.

In 22.1 this works fine when rendering the report. If the value of the item changes the format of the date column in the report is updated to the correct format.

However, when exporting to CSV, apex returns error about not being able to convert datatype 3 to varchar2.

Only after I remove the &P1_DATE_FORMAT. from the format mask will it export to CSV.

Is this a bug in 22.1 or a purposeful change in functionality.