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Implement adecaute development environment

User_G4WFE Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

Hi everyone.

Please, your tips/recomendations about this theme :

Available resources :

-- Weblogic

-- Oracle Database 19c

-- We are 7 oracle forms programmers located in many sites (in the same city)

-- Windows 10 licence

-- Windows server 12 licence

-- Server machine with 32 GB ram, etc, etc,


-- implement development environment to build apps using oracle forms 12....

Each programmer have modules assigned (billing, inventories, human resources, purchases, accounting, etc) All modules are related oviously.

Which is better (for performance, portability, availability..).

a) install only one server with this environment and all programmers work over this server ?

b) install 7 virtual machines (one by each programmer, -install one and clone it-) with all tools to programming ?

thanks in advanced.