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What is Native Mobile App Development? | The Ultimate Guide [2022]

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Mobile App Development has evolved into a huge industry and more and more are being produced every day. Along with that there is also an increasing rate of problems arising every day in the same industry and are being faced by the beginners.

One such problem or query that is faced and asked by a lot of beginner developers is that which type of approach to mobile app development is the right choice for them and what are they actually? So, without a proper basic understanding of these things one cannot take any step further and he’d rather be confused until he finds the solution.

The solution to this problem is the proper understanding of both type of approaches to Mobile App Development. This article provides a foundational level understanding about Native Mobile App Development and all the basic facts that are necessary to be known by you.

1. What is Mobile App Development actually?

1.1 Defining in simple words

Mobile App Development is a kind of development within the development industry in which different types of mobile apps are developed using different technologies i.e. there are different mobile app development frameworks available today in the industry like Flutter with the help of which one can easily develop mobile applications.

1.2 Types of Mobile App Development

There are the following main types of Mobile App Development:

  1. Native App Development
  2. Cross-Platform App Development

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