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OAF Table attachment -Attribute (XXATTACH) - AFTER CLICK POPUP MESSAGE

User_QOMZO Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

When click on Attribute (XXATTACH) Would like to just display popup with OK. Once user click "OK" it should continnue.

Now, I have done this one on

     String pEvent = oapagecontext.getParameter(EVENT_PARAM); oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this, "pEvent : "+pEvent, 1);


     if(pEvent != null){


      oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this, "1 INSIDE OAATTACH", 1);

      OAViewObject PosAsnLineIntfVO = (OAViewObject)oaapplicationmodule.findViewObject("PosAsnLineIntfVO");

      if(PosAsnLineIntfVO != null){

       oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this, "2 INSIDE OAATTACH", 1);

      int lineCount = PosAsnLineIntfVO.getRowCount(); oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this, "lineCount : "+lineCount, 1);


      if(lineCount > 0){

       oapagecontext.writeDiagnostics(this, "3 INSIDE OAATTACH", 1);

      OARow PosAsnLineIntfVORow = (OARow)PosAsnLineIntfVO.getCurrentRow();

      if(PosAsnLineIntfVORow != null){

      // if(PosAsnLineIntfVORow.getAttribute("ASN_ATTACH_ID") != null){

       // To Diaplay the Exception on a Dialog page

       OAException message = new OAException("Dear Supplier, Please attach Only PDF file, all other document files are not been considered….. And all documents (Mandatory or non-Mandatory) to be attached in 1st line item only, you can attach multiple file in 1st line Item,,, Thank you…");

       OADialogPage dialogPage = new OADialogPage(OAException.CONFIRMATION, message, null, "",null);




       //java.util.Hashtable formParams = new java.util.Hashtable(1);




How to continue once "OK clicked? Now it returns back to again on attachment attribute.