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i have difficulty to display Arabic font in oracle report 12c ??????

SALEEM_YEMEN Member Posts: 29 Green Ribbon

did any one face this problem and how can i solve this problem

despite of i did every things

DF Subsetting is enabled.

copy C:\Windows\fonts in REPORTS_PATH.

Edit uifont.ali from DOMAIN_HOME\config\fmwconfig\components\ReportsToolsComponent\<reports_tools_name>\tools\common and at the end add


Copy this uifont.ali file to ORACLE_HOME/tools/common

Restart WLS_REPORTS and the reports server and retest.

could you please if anyone face this problem to help us


  • Suresh Sangaran-Oracle
    Suresh Sangaran-Oracle Member, Moderator Posts: 352 Employee


    Ensure you update the appropriate mapping in the uifont.ali under [PDF:Subset] section.

    For Arabic, try using Unicode Fonts like ARIALUNI.TTF

    Change the uifont.ali under below locations

    FMW Oracle_Home\tools\common



    Thanks, Suresh