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How to set up a search bar with classic report?

User_ROVWW Member Posts: 14 Red Ribbon

Hello folks, I´d like to know if anybody could please help me here... I need to set up a search bar in a classic report, but I'm not having success. I took some examples that are even part of the process, but when I have more than one page of display data it doesn´t complete the search.  I saw something very similar on the apex plugin website, but it´s working with all the pages of the reports for.  Does anyone have an example of how this works in practice?




  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Member Posts: 6,260 Gold Crown

    What do you mean by "when I have more than one page of display data is doesn't complete the search"?

    The general mechanism for this is to have a Dynamic Action on the item that refreshes your report region on change, submitting the item to session state (attribute under report SQL definition).

    Then you would apply the relevant filter based on the item in your report, eg:

    where column_type = :P1_TYPE

    You may also want to consider a faceted search, where a lot of this is conjured for you.