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Refresh region on parent page from Modal dialog without closing?

AllenS. Member Posts: 81 Blue Ribbon


This is not really a strict requirement but would be nice to have. To explain better, here are some screenshots of the application I'm making.

The main page (Non-Modal) contains the parent (Question) - child (Choices) setup. Choices will be an interactive report displaying choices selected for this specific question.

Clicking the Select from List button brings up the Select Choices dialog window. On this dialog window, I want to give users the ability to quickly select choices and automatically add them to the Choices in the main page.

I have done refreshing the region in the main page via Dialog Close dynamic action. But in this case, the dialog window remains open until the user decides to close it via X on the upper right.

Currently, I have implemented a javascript link in the IR (Modal Window) that submits the page without closing. See below:

javascript:apex.submit ( { request:"ADD_CHOICE", set:{"P31_CHOICE_ID":'#ID#'} } );

Then I have a process which calls the stored procedure to insert data to the table references in the IR of the main page. This works out fine in adding the record to the table (validated back-end) and also removes it from the Select Choices IR but it would be nice to also see it on the IR (main page) when the user selects the choice.

I tried looking at the Dynamic Actions specifically the Refresh action but it doesn't give me the option to select a region from another page.

Is there any other way to do it?