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Running ORDS in multiple pluggable databases using Tomcat

Hi, I have 2 PDBs, pdb1 and pdb2 and 2 ORDS configurations. PDB1 runs APEX/ORDS 22.2 using ORDS standalone or in Tomcat using ords war ../webapps/ords.war on port 8443. PDB2 runs APEX/ORDS 22.2 standalone on port 8444. I would like to run it in Tomcat using ords war ../webapps/test.war. I can run both ...:8443/ords (Tomcat) and ...:8444/test (standalone) but when I try to use Tomcat for test.war I get this site can't be reached, refused to connect. I would like to use Tomcat for both configurations. Any suggestions?