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Can't figure out how to stop LOV from opening when single clicked.

FriendlyTooo Member Posts: 126 Blue Ribbon

Hi Folks:

I have a form that when the field is (single) clicked in opens an LOV. I don't want it to do that, I need it to open only when double clicked.

I checked and there is no trigger set on the field for single clicking:

There are two triggers on the field (When-New_Item-instance and a When-Mouse_Doubleclick).

The pl/sql code from the when-new-item:

and the when-mouse-doubleclick:

The field itself (called TREATMENT_OBSERVATIONS) has this set for its properties:

If anyone has any ideas where else I would look for a setting in Oracle Forms 12 that would cause an LOV to pop-up when the field is clicked in I'd greatly appreciate it. I have also included the .fmb file in a zip. The associated canvas is called "TREAMENT_CAN."

Thank you,


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