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ora_sqlerrm: ORA-20001: You have exceeded the maximum number of web service requests per workspace.

Muhammad Ismail
Muhammad Ismail Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I am getting this message when using a REST data source. I am in an online environment. what should I do?



  • Hilary Farrell-Oracle
    Hilary Farrell-Oracle Software Development Senior Manager Member Posts: 2,406 Employee

    Hi 'User_OZP36',

    The 'Maximum Web Service Requests' value is set at instance level, and if you are receiving the error 'ORA-20001' then that is because your use of REST services in your workspace is exceeding that instance-level setting. You should review your current usage to assess whether your current level of usage is necessary or possibly unusually high due to some testing. You will need to contact your instance Administrator if you wish to request an increase to the current maximum level - and that can be done at workspace-level, to avoid changing the setting for the whole instance.