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ExaCC Gen 1 how to restart failed upgade ?

Shyam Bajpayee
Shyam Bajpayee Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

Hi Gurus,

we are upgrade databases in ExaCC Gen1 from to 19.15 with dbasscli utilities. many time we encountered errors and we had message like "resolve issue and restart upgrade". it it possible to restart upgrade with dbasscli ? or we need to do it manually ? in case we do it manually, what will be impact on database with respect to its configuration on ExaCC ?


Sunil Kumar


  • asahide
    asahide Expert Technical Engineer Member Posts: 1,223 Silver Trophy


    I think you can check with support that you are using ExaCC. I think you should check with support first.

    Or, please upload the details of the error. We do not know what the error is.