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Need to refresh JSPX page on some timeInterval(10 seconds)

User_2BBVC Member Posts: 74 Blue Ribbon

Hi Team,

I need to refresh jspx page to persist ADF session . I have to put parameters in web.xml file like below.




But my scenario is that I am launching Reacjs screen from ADF screen jspx page and if user spent time more than 5 minutes then my ADF page session expired but i don't want to expire ADF page session till the time user working on Reactjs screen and come back to ADF screen.

I applied all possible javascript code but my page is getting expired when i come back to ADF screen from Reactjs screen. I want my ADF screen session Alive when i come back to ADF screen.

Kindly help me how to do ADF page refresh in background .

Tried all below javascript code :

 function refreshSession(){

 console.log('refresh start');

  var button = AdfPage.PAGE.findComponentByAbsoluteId('pt1:f11'); 

     console.log('Button Id--->',button);

   AdfActionEvent.queue(button, true);   

   console.log('refresh completed');


function refreshSessionForAEPS(){

 console.log('refreshSessionForAEPS started'); =



 window.location.href = window.location.href


  console.log('refreshSessionForAEPS completed');


<af:commandButton text="refreshSession" id="f11" partialSubmit="true" visible="false"

             actionListener="#{TransactionTemplateBean.makeMeAlive}" clientComponent="true"