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Where is the session timeout value for the duration of running an sql query/procedure

I am using a web service developed by a government entity. Some of my requests which has

been confirmed to be valid requests seemed to be automatically canceled after 10 minutes. When using Soap Sonar personal 9 I receive a response back at 600.8 seconds. I get this response.

From research I understand this is most likely by a processing timeout setting for the query request. What I need help on is exactly where is this setting established - in the application program? In a database setting or procedure? Somewhere else?

So far the entity providing the web service has been unable to locate the setting.

one web source stated the following:

"This error may be due to an internal Sql*Net parameter which times out

the connection. This is called sqlnet.expired.time which logs out users after a set time. Contact your DBA to reset this parameter and retry."


But if this is the setting in play I don't know how to tell the provider where to look for this.

Thank you.



  • User_3ABCE
    User_3ABCE Member Posts: 180 Silver Badge

    The query can be cancelled by the application (web service), by the resource manager inside the database or by handmade job.

    sqlnet.expire_time sets the interval for checking that the connection has already been lost by the other side. Therefore, the database cannot respond with an ORA-1013.