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Sum of items validation in form

User_EY4V5 Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

Hello. I just stared with APEX.

I have a form where a user can choose 1 value from a Popup LOV. Next to it is a number field where the user writes the quantity he wants to get from said item (max value is 5 in the number field. I have that type of form 5 times in the same page.

My request is to create a validation that makes sure that the total quantity of all items is less than 3

Thanks in advance

Best Answer

  • Hamza Al-abbasi
    Hamza Al-abbasi Mid-level Oracle APEX Developer Member Posts: 873 Bronze Crown
    edited Sep 17, 2022 2:00PM Answer ✓

    Create a validation with type "Expression" and set Language to "PL/SQL". In PL/SQL Expression write this expression :

    (:PX_ITEM1 + :PX_ITEM2 + :PX_ITEM3 + :PX_ITEM4 + :PX_ITEM5) < 3