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web.show_document using different base_url when using Java Webstart

Fcalvo-Oracle Member Posts: 4 Employee

Forms Using web.show_document I see different behavior when running the Forms using Java Plugin (JPI) or using Java Webstart (JWS).

Same form, when run  using JPI, web.show_document tries to open: http://server:port/forms/ + (uri you send in web.show_document ('uri').

That same form, when run using JWS, tries to open: http://server:port/forms/java/ + (uri you send in web.show_document('uri')


1.- JWS uses as base url http://server:port/forms/java, while JPI http://server:port/forms/

Do you know the reason? I have a testcase and reproduce internally....I see no differences in configuration between JPI and JWS config.

2.- Another option to solve this could be use a different web.show_document call depending on wheter form is being run using JPI or JWS..... Is there a way to check at runtime if forms is being run using JWS or JPI?

get_application_property() is not a valid option here.

Thanks in advance.

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