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Where do I report this JDBC driver NullPointer issue?

I have some infrequent NullPointerException with the driver with the following root cause, when preparing a simple select query:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read field "m_oraCharLevel1" because "<local1>" is null

   at oracle.jdbc.driver.DynamicByteArray$

   at java.base/

   at oracle.jdbc.driver.DynamicByteArray.<clinit>(

Where can I report this issue?



  • Quentin van Heerden
    Quentin van Heerden Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon

    if you have a support contract with Oracle it can be logged with

    From documentation i can see the following 2 links that could help.

    Please let us know which one you where able to report it on.