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ODI MP Using ExaCS & ODI Marketplace

We have a customer who would like to use their ExaCS database for the ODI repository. The ODI provisioning will be done in ODI Marketplace

Since the default ODI Marketplace provisioning wizard only lets you only pick an existing ADW/ATP instance or an embedded repo as ODI Repository location choices, I came up with the below options to deploy ODI with ExaCS:

Option 1: ODI MP with DBCS or Exadata db 

  1. Set up ODI MP using embedded repo or MySQL
  2. Run RCU in the MP instance to set up the repo in the DBCS instance.
  3. Reconfigure the standalone agent to use the DBCS repo.
  4. This is the documentation on found on this effort: 
  5. Configuring ODI Marketplace Repositories on DBCS Instance


  1. Can you please confirm if this is a viable option?
  2. Do we have the right documentation listed above to accomplish this?

Option 2: IaaS type install where we install WLS, ODI and run RCU against DBCS or Exadata db.


  1. How is the licensing different on this option from option 1? The customer asked this question during the discovery session.
  2. Any further thoughts on this option?
  3. Between the two options, is there one you would recommend and why?