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Problem getting Maildata with Mail_Client Package

Hi helpers,

i am using the mail_client package from github since several years.

Now i have changed the database from 12c to 21c.

I have installed the package again and now i have a problem to receive mails.

If i use my own mailserver at with port 993 (IMAP), i can read the mail content in the inbox.

But when using or with same port 993 it is not working.

I have a testcase to test, if the problem is the server itself, or the database.

The testcase is a java procedure which uses this classpath %ORACLE_HOME%/lib/javax.mail.jar

And when using other mailserver than my own i can not see any firewall listing either drop nor allow. Nothing.

The error message from the java call within the databse is

com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException: Couldn't connect to host, port:, 993; timeout -1;

 nested exception is: Operation timed out

This behaviour i have posted to oracle support and created a service request. But it seems they haven't a solution and the SR is waiting over 20 days.