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Calling Report from APEX

Eslam_Elbyaly Member Posts: 4,450 Silver Trophy
edited Oct 2, 2022 10:35PM in Reports

Hi. I used to work with Oracle developer suite 10g years ago, but unfortunately, I remember nothing about it.

I installed the 10g release 2 suite and created a report and saved it. The result was a .JSP file. Is that .JSP an executable file? If so, where is the original file?

I installed Oracle Developer Suite(Complete) which installed the OC4J as well. As far as I am aware, I now am using it as a standalone, right?

APEX 22.1.4. which I am using, only needs a URL to call the report. But, I do not know what the structure of the URL is?

Could you answer my questions and provide me with steps to call the report?

Thanks in advance.