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Data base link into a Mysql database

User_N85X2 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

We have a database version 19c and have a problem. Installed is the data base at a windows server 2019 version 10.0.17763. We want to have a data base link into a Mysql database, therefore we are using the data base gateway odbc(HS). And that is not working, it works on a parallel machine with standard windows 10.  

See the following failure message

ORA-28545: Von Net8 bei der Verbindung zu einem Agent diagnostizierter Fehler

Unable to retrieve text of NETWORK/NCR message 65535

ORA-02063: vorherige 2 lines von MT_NETWORK

28545. 0000 -  "error diagnosed by Net8 when connecting to an agent"

*Cause:    An attempt to call an external procedure or to issue SQL

           to a non-Oracle system on a Heterogeneous Services database link

           failed at connection initialization.  The error diagnosed

           by Net8 NCR software is reported separately.

*Action:   Refer to the Net8 NCRO error message.  If this isn't clear,

           check connection administrative setup in tnsnames.ora

           and listener.ora for the service associated with the

           Heterogeneous Services database link being used, or with

           'extproc_connection_data' for an external procedure call.

Herstellercode 28545

Thank you in advance