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TDE wallet password lost

Our DB is 19c DBCS. Client has lost TDE password and we need a clone and without TDE we can not do it. Rman and cloning from cloud requires TDE. Is there any way to clone the DBCS without TDE wallet password?


  • asahide
    asahide Expert Technical Engineer Member Posts: 1,491 Gold Trophy


    If the wallet is lost, it appears to be difficult to restore it.

    • Can a Database Be Restored If The TDE Wallet Is Lost (Missing, Corrupted)? (Doc ID 2560069.1)

    But if you can open database, then You can export DB.


    VOEURNG SOVANN Member Posts: 8 Blue Ribbon


    In order to restore a backup with encrypted data, the correct TDE wallet file must be available, else the restore/recover cannot be done. if lost password and can restore database from backup with encrypted data then there no point of security that using TDE option . better raise to MOS if oracle support has another alternative way