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Maven enabled ADF applications are taking 25X times to build and package

NKANCHAN-Oracle Member Posts: 22 Employee
edited Oct 7, 2022 11:30PM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi All,

Our ADF applications are mavenized for CICD.

In jdeveloper, the apps(having 10 projects, model+VC) used to take 1.5min for compile and package before maven.

After maven enabling the application, it is taking 25-30mins to compile and package.

We are using ojmake and ojdeploy plugins in pom.xml

How can we improve the performance of compile and package of ADF applications using Maven.



  • NKANCHAN-Oracle
    NKANCHAN-Oracle Member Posts: 22 Employee

    For each project the ojmake and ojdeploy initiation takes 15s each to start the process.

    Ex: Below log steps take 15s and even though it says nothing to build, it compiles again.

    [INFO] --- ojmake:12.2.1-4-0:compile (default) @ NotificationVC ---

    [INFO] [C:\Oracle\Middleware12214/jdeveloper/jdev/bin/ojmake.exe, C:\........\Application\NotificationVC/NotificationVC.jpr]


    [INFO] Arguments:

    [INFO] C:\....\Application\NotificationVC/NotificationVC.jpr


    [INFO] Compiling...

    [INFO] Nothing to build.

    INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\bin\javac

    [INFO] -verbose

    [INFO] -encoding Cp1252

    [INFO] -bootclasspath

    [INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\jre\lib\resources.jar;

    [INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\jre\lib\rt.jar;

    [INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\jre\lib\jsse.jar;

    [INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\jre\lib\jce.jar;

    [INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\jre\lib\charsets.jar;

    [INFO] C:\Oracle\Middleware12214\oracle_common\jdk\jre\lib\jfr.jar

    [INFO] -sourcepath

  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,924 Red Diamond

    User, you found the problem yourself. OjMake and Ojdeploy are slow starters :(

    However, you can run them as a service. This way, you only start them once, and the build and package time is normal.


    and look for ojserver.


  • dvohra21
    dvohra21 Member Posts: 14,692 Gold Crown

    It is a known issue. Use ojserver, which can be found at <Oracle_HOME>/jdeveloper/jdev/bin/ and can be started with: ./ojserver –start